Liam McNeilly

Sean Edwards Ambassador


Twitter: @FoxMotorsportOT

Facebook: 168498438101

SEF: What’s your favourite circuit and why?
Buckmore Park, because of the run-offs and the downhill complex.

SEF: What do think about motorsport safety? Do you feel it’s too strict with aspects like run offs for instance or should more be being done?
In karting I prefer tracks with run-off areas, in Spain they tend to use more gravel traps but this can cause more accidents with karts flipping.

SEF: Your best ever race; where and when was it?
Buckmore Park, in the 2016 Championship, qualified well and took the win in the pre-final against some more experienced drivers.

SEF: Who is your motorsport hero?
Max Verstappen because of his karting and he's great at overtaking.

SEF: What is the best race car you have ever driven?
I haven't driven a race car yet, but I'm looking forward to testing a Ginetta Junior soon!

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