Nick Yelloly Questions and Answers

Tuesday 12th November 2019

SEF: What does it mean to you to have been racing so successfully for more than 10 years now?

A great deal to be honest, I started pretty late at the age of 15 so for the first few years I definitely felt that I was playing catch up. A lot of hard work and sacrifices from both myself and my family helped and has definitely made the difference.

SEF: What’s your favourite circuit and why?

My favourite circuit I would say if I had to choose one would be Monaco. Having won there in Porsche Super cup last year its obviously fresh in my mind and somewhere where every racing driver dreams of winning. The adrenaline of going flat out in qualifying so close to the walls is like no other place I have been to and separates it from the rest in my view.

SEF: What do think about motorsport rules in general? Such as do you feel it’s too strict with aspects like run offs for instance or should more be being done?

I feel run offs are possibly not done the correct way nowadays. In most cases if you run wide there is no real penalty only simply time gain. I think if we could be safely punished for making mistakes and running wide, this would reduce the issues of track limits etc massively in the future.

SEF: What do you think about motor safety in general?

Compared to when I started car racing in 2009 it has certainly come on leaps and bounds and is still moving in the right direction too, which is great. I think there is still always room to improve certain aspects of the sport and this will come bit by bit I am sure for the foreseeable future.

SEF: What was your best ever race; where and when was it?

I think it would be in WSR 3.5 in 2012, there are two that come to mind. It would either be winning race 1 of the new car being chased down by Jules Bianchi for the last half of the race, which was one of the toughest races mentally I have ever done. Or winning WSR 3.5 in the rain at the Nurburgring by almost half a minute starting from p14. That race was crazy and we got the change from slicks in the wet to changing to full wets perfectly and had really really good pace.

SEF: Do you feel there are areas of motorsport safety that could be improved?

Yes, there will always be areas which can be improved…

SEF: If you could change one Motorsport safety feature/aspect, what would it be?

The runoff areas, there has to be a way to punish us more with still keeping the safety levels high. Something like a small strip of grass / gravel followed by the larger tarmac run offs I see as a good start. That way you will be punished for trying to gain the advantage but will have the time to slow down the car after going wide on the tarmac.

SEF: What are your goals for next Season?

Simply winning as much as I can. As a racing driver, we aren’t happy unless on the top step!

SEF: What is the best race car you have ever driven in a race, and again, where and when?

Again, I would have to say the WSR 3.5 in 2012, the car at the time had so much downforce and grip. Added to the Michelin tyres it was a complete beast. The best race for car balance and feeling would have to be race 1 in Aragon where we took the win. It was perfect start to finish!

SEF: Who is your motorsport hero?

Michael Schumacher. He was the guy winning everything when I got into watching motorsport. His work ethic and determination were something that he changed for the future generations and inspired so many to go on to great things.

SEF: If you had to come up with a safety slogan, what would it be?

The best one I tell myself is simply…. Drive it like you stole it!
























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