Pasin Lathouras

Sean Edwards Ambassador


Twitter: @pasin_lathouras

Facebook: 575924432464131

Instagram: @lathouras_p

#SEAmbassador 5

SEF: What’s your favourite circuit and why?
PL: Spa, because it is a very demanding circuit in which the weather can play a big influence on the outcome of the race.

SEF: What do think about motorsport safety? Do you feel it’s too strict with aspects like run offs for instance or should more be being done?
PL: I think motorsport safety is becoming a bit too restricted for the track itself. I truly believe that safety is very important for the driver and spectator, but fundamentally, the risk and excitement at each track gives racing its charm.

SEF: Your best ever race; where and when was it?
PL: Spa 24 Hours in 2015.

SEF: Who is your motorsport hero?
PL: Alex Zanardi, because his love for motorsport overcomes all obstacles life throws at him.

SEF: What is the best race car you have ever driven?
PL: I have only raced in Ferraris so I can’t help but be a bit biased for the time being!

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