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“I'm proud to say that I knew Sean for a long time after we first met at school. Sean was a great racing driver with fantastic skills, which he used to win race after race. But to me he was more than just a great racing driver: he was a fantastic friend and young man who was always a pleasure to be around, full of energy and happiness. He always had an eye for safety in motorsport and how it could be improved. That's why I'm so proud to support SEF and see Sean's legacy live on through the foundation.”
Maro Engel

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SEF: What’s your favourite circuit and why?
ME: Macau, Nurburgring Nordschleife & Bathurst please don’t make me choose one. They are the ultimate challenge for a driver. Fast, challenging with blind corners and completely unforgiving.

SEF: What do think about motorsport safety? Do you feel it’s too strict with aspects like run offs for instance or should more be being done?
ME: I think it is great what SEF has already achieved in its pursuit for improved safety in motorsports and this needs to continue. AS for the HALO device it may not be the most pretty looking thing but clearly something needs to be done to protect drivers heads in formula cars and open cockpit cars, as this is still a very exposed area and as we have seen the last few years there have been some terribly unlucky accidents that would have had a different outcome had there been protection for the drivers heads.
SEF: Your best ever race; where and when was it?
ME: Nurburgring  24H 2016. A weekend and race that I will certainly never forget. Pole Position, fastest lap and winning the race on the last lap was just crazy.
SEF: Your motorsport hero?
ME: For me Michael Schumacher has always been the driver I most looked up to. What he has achieved in motor racing is just phenomenal and he has changed the way so many drivers approach their racing.
SEF: What is the best race car you have ever driven in a race, and again, where and when?
ME: This is a difficult one, I have had the privilege of driving some incredibly great cars and it’s hard to pick. But I think my current Mercedes-AMG GT3 is probably the one that stands out the most.

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