tolimit/Fast Track Racing Center join SEF’s Fast Track initiative

Monday 22nd December 2014

The Sean Edwards Foundation’s quest to improve driver safety is set to take another major step forward after partnering with reigning Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland champions and front-running Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup team, Project 1 and the optimising developer tolimit.

The German outfit, run by Hans-Bernd Kamps, will oversee the driver development division of SEF’s Fast Track initiative which intends to tutor young, talented prospects who may not normally come to the attention of existing mentorship programmes.

Known as the Fast Track Racing Center, its methods will work towards instilling Sean’s attitude, and the education of racing skills and safety standards. It will also pay close attention to the findings of an on-going SEF research programme which, with the input of established and trusted industry insiders, should provide a better understanding of how best to extract and nurture talent.

tolimit/Project 1 can also count on their experience of working closely with the ‘Deutsche Post Speed Academy’ in Germany, which shares some aspects of SEF’s initiative. Fast Track Racing Center now intends to refine that process by placing additional focus on a driver’s character outside the cockpit through classroom assessments, psychological testing and interviews.

While tolimit/Project 1’s credentials speak for themselves, the team also has a personal connection to the foundation after helping Sean become Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland runner-up in both 2011 and ’12. With just one round remaining that same partnership was leading the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup standings at the time of Sean’s death in October 2013. In fact, the Fast Track Racing Center’s concept was in the process of being finalised between Hans-Bernd and Sean before the fatal accident occurred.

Hans-Bernd Kamps, tolimit/Project 1 owner and CEO, said: “This is an incredibly personal initiative for me because it’s not just something we’ve established in Sean’s honour. From the very start he was personally involved in shaping the Fast Track Racing Center and would have played a significant role in its operations were he still with us. During his four years with the team Sean was always eager to assist his rookie team-mates and help us unearth new talent. His attitude is central to what we’re now hoping to achieve.”

Daphne McKinley, Sean’s mother and SEF founder/chairman, added: “I’m delighted that Hans-Bernd and the Fast Track Racing Center will be so heavily involved in the foundation’s work. His personal support over the last year has been quite incredible, both to us as a family and in getting SEF off the ground. He knew Sean very well and understands, perhaps better than anyone, how his attitude towards racing underpins our Fast Track initiative. I couldn’t think of anyone better to oversee this fundamental role.”

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