Marshal Training Days at Oulton Park with Sean Edwards Foundation

Monday 9th March 2015

On 7th and 8th March 2015 at Oulton Park in Cheshire, British Motorsport Marshal’s Club held their annual Training Day event for all North West marshals.

The perfect opportunity for existing marshals to gain those all-important training signatures, newcomers also enjoyed the chance to get closer to the action, joining the ranks of those in orange with a special session dedicated to just them.

Also in attendance this year was Daphne McKinley Edwards, founder of the Sean Edwards Foundation who are now working closely with the BMMC.

The SEF was established by Daphne after her son, Professional racing driver Sean Edwards was tragically killed at a little known circuit in eastern Australia. His death may have been avoided had more staunch safety procedures been in place.

The foundation, with the support of major governing bodies and partners, aims to implement initiatives to educate drivers about safety within their sport. Motor racing is inherently dangerous and while the quest for better safety standards in terms of technology and procedure goes on, the determining factor remains the same as it has for a century: The Human behind the wheel.

Daphne advocates the mentoring of aspiring, talented drivers and thinks it should be mandatory for drivers to take a day’s training which will teach them how to combine speed with safety in pursuit of success. A day’s marshalling with a fully trained group of marshals, carrying out safety procedure duties is undoubtedly hugely reassuring to those who risk their lives every day on the tracks.

Feedback from the drivers has been immensely positive.“The training helps drivers learn to better understand the dangers of their sport.”

Drivers come away better educated on why flags go out in situations where they can’t see the problem; how to react to the dangers of incidents; while marshals are on track tending incidents; better knowledge of the regulations (MSA Blue Book); and the different duties all marshal’s cover (Track, Pits, Paddock, Assembly)”.

“We drivers certainly learn to appreciate the marshal’s a lot more”.

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