Mentorship Program

The Sean Edwards foundation mentorship programs are especially designed for drivers, teams, and manufacturers.

Drive with Intention “Live the dream”- 2 day and 5 days courses

Winning is not everything and we place more importance on the desire to win.  We instill the attitude of ‘whatever it takes’ to win no matter what obstacle is placed in front of the driver.

Sean Edwards Foundation has been asked by a number of people within the Motorsport industry if it is possible to produce another all round driver like Sean? We say never the same as Sean as he was a one of kind, a naturally talented unique driver but we do say yes to many of his skills, attributes and attitude that he had acquired from a specific way of coaching.

SEF has worked together with industry leaders who have over 40 years experience in Motorsport, driver coaching, business and management consultant, sports coaching to produce a tailor made program to instill some of Sean’s attitude and attributes into young drivers.

We have produced a course to be able to give each driver an opportunity to gain a clear understanding of what is important to him or her both professionally and personally in order to build and sometimes rebuild the driver into a winning machine.

The reason we call this a ‘teamworking’ workshop is that it takes the attendees through a process that means they initially gain knowledge and through practice attain skill in techniques that they can use throughout their lives in any team in which they are working.

We have proof that teamworking skills are always relevant and an example was when 2 colleagues coincidently met 17 years after they had been on a teamworking workshop.  They were in a meeting together and noticed that they were still using the same common language, tools and techniques.

Team building courses are to develop specific skills for a specific project and to build a specific team.  Once the project is complete the skills are less relevant and often forgotten.

Meet The Team

Daphne Edwards

Daphne has over 40 years of experience in Motorsports. She was the coach to her son Sean throughout his racing career. Daphnes life coaching skills come from her own life experiences and knowledge as well as being trained and certified in the Unitive TM coaching techniques by Dr Charles Bentley in London.

Personal authenticity is all about experiencing each event in your life as a present reality, instead of looking at it through the distorting mirror of the past. Once you’ve become part of that experience, your entire being – mind, body, and feelings – becomes an instrument for opening up receptive channels of communication between your own true responses and those of the people who share your present environment.

In Unitive coaching, we never lose sight of the basic fact that life’s ’problems’ don’t actually exist in the external world – the world ’out there’ – but only in the way that you’ve been conditioned toperceive that world.  You actually have within you everything you need to follow your true path in life. The problem is that you’ve been led to believe that this is not the case – that the only way you can achieve personal authenticity is by buying into some quick-fix re-conditioning programme that aims to attract and to process the widest possible consumer base.

To become personally authentic involves a sea-change in the self. It’s a shift from the personal to the transpersonal; from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Instead of trying to influence events from the outside, you find you’ve become an integral part of them. It’s a transforming process: experiencing the power of the present instead of just observing it. The magical aura it radiates is called charisma – the hallmark of true individuality which shone through with Sean.

Executive Coach and Trainer: Carol Passemard

Carol is passionate about sharing her knowledge in order to empower others and provide them with tools and techniques that make them confident, independent and able to make their own choices.

She works with and supports small groups, organizations and individuals to help them discover their own gifts, skills & talents so they can be who they want to be. Carol has worked with the Sean Edwards Foundation to develop a special program that will help a racing driver with their personal development, motivation, goal setting, team working in order to build the driver into a well rounded individual that will enhance any team that he/she works with.

Carol has worked with individuals, couples and organisations who have wanted to make significant changes in their lives and have been looking for quick ways to achieve results.

Carol set up Breakthrough Retreat for clients who had time constraints and wanted fast results.  In just 2 days Carol’s clients discover what stops them from achieving what they want, overcome their negative emotions and create plans to do things differently.

Some of Carols past Clients include:
UK Government departments – principally:

DfID (Department for International Development), Department of Health, Office of Government Commerce, Buying Solutions, Ministry of Justice, GCHQ, HM Prison Service.


Teamworking course – 4/5 days

Just suppose you have someone who you believe is worth investing in but due to the fact they do not have enough confidence or really believe in himself or herself then by encouraging them to work with us means they will be enlightened by their true value. If you are prepared to help fund them and share the rates it could be the life changing experience they need to be the best driver/ designer or worker.

Paul Passemard is an experienced technically qualified executive and consultant in project and programme management, partnering, change management and business efficiency, procurement, construction and contract management.

He has wide experience across both the private and public sectors.


Paul is a graduate Mechanical Engineer with 24 years experience in the oil, gas and utilities industries followed by 25 years as a Management Consultant to both the private and public sectors.

Oil, Gas and Utilities Industries

In the private sector, he held senior executive positions with responsibility for 1000 staff and a budget of £300million per annum. He has hands on experience of construction, plant and facilities operations, managing safety, estate and equipment maintenance, industrial relations, procurement, technical analysis, troubleshooting and quality management.

In these roles, he was responsible for achieving major business efficiency changes, business start up, efficient service delivery using business process re-engineering and organisational development while maintaining a safe and secure operation.

He was accountable for all aspects of procurement, supplier management and performance and commercial negotiations. In addition, he was responsible for negotiation with Trades Unions over pay, dispute resolution, and led major changes to working practices.

He managed major construction activities and the rebuilding of refinery plant including the introduction of modular construction techniques.

He has run a 250 megawatt power station and associated utilities and waste management systems.

As Project Executive he managed a £250million upgrading of a UK refinery with responsibility for all aspects of programme and project management, business case development, stakeholder management and communications.

As General Manager of an oil industry consortium, he managed the assessment of quality management systems of suppliers to the UK’s North Sea exploration and production operation.

Management Consultancy

As a management consultant Paul has provided advice and guidance across both the private and public sectors covering major industrial and commercial companies as well as central civil government departments and local authorities.

Areas covered included procurement excellence, bench marking, project and programme management, contract management, quality assurance and effective team development and working.

He has been a key contributor to the development and roll out of the UK Government’s Gateway review process since its inception and conducted reviews of Health Service new build  and service reconfigurations, waste management, schools development, prison expansions, social housing, e-procurement, transport and roads, shared services.

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