Akhil Rabindra

Sean Edwards Ambassador

Website: www.akhilrabindra.com

Twitter: @akhilrabindra

Facebook: AkhilRabindraRacing


Akhil graduated from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Akhil began his motorsports career at 14 years old with National Karting Championship and since then has found victory on multiple Championships in a career span of 8 years. He has since been selected for the FIA Institute Young Drivers Excellence Award for drivers from the Asia Pacific region.

Akhil has progressed with a variety motorsports by racing in some of the best and most competitive Championships in the World, The GT4 European Series, The 24H Series, The British Formula-3 2016, The British GT Series 2017, The British Formula-4 2015, JK Racing Championship, Formula Masters China, and the Toyota Etios Motor Racing to name a few.

During the motorsports season of 2019, Akhil Rabindra is racing in the GT4 European Series and will drive an Aston Martin Vantage GT4 for PROsport Performance race team. Rabindra will be team mates with Swiss racer Florian Thoma. 

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